Oct 9, 2010

A note 4 my Big Brother

This is a comment that I left on my beloved Big Brother's latest post upon his health situation.

I just want to share this comment to my blog-readers who may have visit his blog (http://penai22.blogspot.com)

As soon as you read this post, please go to his blog and put some encouragement to make his day.

Thank you all very much.



Big Brother,

I know you are now sitting at your computer desk
...reading the comments on your latest post on your monitor's screen. But I
can't tell exactly how many more days you will do this. And I am sure
that you even don't know that too. Actually, nobody knows that. And if
someone (like a physician or a specialist of something) says off exactly
how many days you can do, I won't believe it. And believe me you will
live longer than what they say. In my belief, you will always be still
sitting at your table and writing a post that makes everybody have fun
and laugh forever by sharing your precious experience. Everyone
(including me) loves every of your posts. We all love your openness on
all of your posts. And your honesty and sincerity. Your humorous mind
and thoughts. We all have laugh along with every sentence of your funny
posts and we love you more. And love more of your upcoming posts. He who
makes everybody laugh has a long life. I believe the laughter is the
best medicine and the one who formulate that medicine is you. So you are
the long-life-fun-maker. Let's have some fun, make everybody have fun... I know you can do it...You are the MASTER, my big brother...


your little brother


October 9, 2010 10:30 PM


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Anonymous said...

Dear Ko ATN I 've already read ur comment on his blog.I really thank u for it cos each n every words u wrote was what i wanted.B healthy.:))) GYIDAW